roro car shipping

Roro car shipping

RORO overseas shipping is a very popular way of transporting cargo to other countries. The idea was created and developed by the Japanese car manufacturers to ship their cars to USA and Europe in a fast and efficient manner by using specialized ships called “vehicle carriers”.

Nowadays RORO carriers can handle not just cars but all types of motorized, rolling and even static cargo: trucks, boats, buses, motor homes, travel trailers, tractors, excavators, cranes, and other high & heavy equipment and machinery.

International RORO shipping is popular with exporters and importers mainly for 2 reasons: cost and efficiency.

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Upon your request we do offer a full insurance coverage for the total value of the vehicle from the Port of Origin to the Port of Destination.


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Industry Solutions

SALLAUM RORO dedicated divisions offer international shipping services worldwide for LCL, FCL and RORO with a specialization in international vehicle shipping and household goods international moving. These services cater to both import and export clients, as we also have our own expert staff of import coordinators.


Roro shipping

RoRo allows your products to roll on and off the vessel, as opposed to being lifted onboard using cranes. Self-propelled products, such as cars and tractors, roll on and off the vessel on their own wheels. Products that are not self-propelled are placed on handling equipment with wheels in the terminal to be rolled on and off the vessel. Your product thus remains on the handling equipment for the entire sea voyage.


Roll-on/Roll-off vs Container Shipping

Find out about the main pricing differences between RORO and Container ocean shipping in this detailed RORO vs. CONTAINER pricing charts

With RoRo, your car or RV is driven right onto the vessel, where it is firmly secured to the ship deck. The cars are held inside the ship, keeping them safe from the elements and the sea. As the term implies, container shipping involves storing your car or motorcycle in a container.



Roll-on roll-off (RoRo) is the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to transport breakbulk cargo. As the world’s most experienced RoRo breakbulk carrier, we offer our customers unmatched expertise in handling high, heavy and long loads.

Even the most experienced logisticians are sometimes surprised to learn that our vessels can transport products up to:

  • 6.1 metres high
  • 12 metres wide
  • 400 tonnes in weight

RORO Destinations

Overseas destinations include major ports in Western Europe, Mediterranean, Africa, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Central America and South America.

Here are some ports that we are shipping to: England (Southampton), Germany (Hamburg), Ghana (Tema), Nigeria (Lagos), Senegal (Dakar), Toge (Lomo), Abidjan (Ivory Coast), South Africa (Durban) and many more.


RORO Ports of Call in West Africa

Shipping via RORO service can be arranged to the major ocean ports of West Africa: Dakar, Nouakchott, Banjul, Conakry, Douala, Libreville, Pointe Noire, Luanda, Takoradi, Bata, Malabo, Lagos, Cotonou, Lome, Tema, Abidjan, Monrovia.


RORO Shipping Lines

The following steamship lines are offering RORO shipping services: Wallenius Wilhelmsen (WW), ACL/Grimaldi, Hoegh, K-line, Maersk (via Farrell Lines), MOL, NYK RORO, Sallaum etc.

Considering our long time contractual relations and quantities we supply, as a result the BEST PRICING is GUARANTEED by us for any roro shipping quotes, costs or charges.

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RORO Ports closures real time updates. Port schedules and opening times. Port delivery times and current restrictions. Port Regulations.

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